Let Me Introduce Myself…

“It often requires more courage, to dare to do right, than to fear to do wrong”. – President Abraham Lincoln

I always believed that politics would be something that would escape me. I never gave it much thought, because my attention and interests were always pointed elsewhere. But now that I’ve been honored with the ability to reach retirement, from those
occupations that I love, I feel as though there is still something left for me to do
I was raised in a military family of nine, seven of which entered the U.S. Military Services of our great Nation…all of which served during times of armed conflict, from Vietnam to the Gulf War. Our dad fought in WWII, having joined up on 8 December 1941, the day after Pearl Harbor was attacked. With that distinction, often came a strong focus on duty, honor, country, and commitment. I grew up around the military base environment. I had the honor of being born at Camp LeJeune, N.C., where those four words took on special meaning.

While growing up, I also learned responsibility, and how it would affect so many aspects of my life in the years to come. I’ve lived a life of service and commitment to others, through my Air Force and Law Enforcement careers. And I feel confident now, that there is still more that I could and should be doing, for my fellow citizen’s in Pennsylvania, as well as Newberry Township, in York County.

It’s a responsibility I take seriously. Public service performed with “Integrity”, is a responsibility “To the People”. And while there is much to be done, so much more that could be done, I feel the responsibility to reach out to the resident’s of Newberry Township, and continue serving in the public interest. It’s a continued “Spirit of Volunteering” that I offer, to our fellow resident’s of this great Township.

President Abraham Lincoln once said, “If you forfeit the confidence of your fellow-citizen’s, you can never regain their respect and esteem”. This confidence that President Lincoln spoke of, is the kind that is earned, not given. And now I will work to earn your trust that you have placed in me.  Thank you for electing me to the office of Newberry Township Supervisor.

Thank You!

David M. Cantrell

Newberry Township Supervisor